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Novital Hammer Mills

0.75 Hp Hammer $500 ex GST
1.00 Hp Hammer $655 ex GST
900W Grain Cracker $800 ex GST

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From the Italian company Novital, these hammer mills are ideal for feeding livestock and coarse flours. Using high speed rotors that hammer the incoming product through a mesh plate, the mills provide various grades of output at different rates.

The Hammer Mills use a single rotor, producing flours with the smaller mesh sizes. 0.75Hp Mesh sizes include 2.5, 4.0, 6.0 and 8.0mm. the 1.00Hp model includes a 1mm mesh as well. Output is approx. 50% cracked grains and 50% flours - the output can be re-fed through the mill to achieve a higher % of finer product.
The 1Hp model features an additional 1.0mm mesh for a usable bread making type finer flour. When tested with wheat, the 1mm sieve required regular cleaning of the mesh.

The 900W Grain Cracker is designed especially for cracked grain output. Using multiple free-rotating blades within the large horseshoe shaped mesh plate inserts, this mill produces higher % cracked grain, making it ideal for livestock feed preparation. The blades are hardened and capable of cracking lupins. This model includes 4.0, 6.0 & 8.0mm mesh plates.

1.0 & 2.5mm meshes are available as extras for all the models. All models feature newly designed plastic hopper and integrated collection bucket.

These hammer mills are also ideal for pre-stone-milling.
By using the appropriate mesh size, the mill will break larger product sizes down to a grade that easily pass through a stone mill for the final fine output.

Output 80-240Kg per hour maximum 1Hp
Hopper Size approx 450*400*300 mm
Dimensions H980mm, W600, D600
Weight 15 Kg 1Hp
Milling Heads Steel Blade & Mesh
Motor 0.22 & 1.0Hp + 900W
Warranty 1 year Parts Only
Origin Novital Italy
Availability IN STOCK


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