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Schnitzer COUNTRY

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Country Hand Mill
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Country Pulley Set - $138
12"/1.25" Pulleys & Belt
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Our most popular large sized hand mill, the COUNTRY is an extra heavy duty mill using real basalt stone as the main body of the mill. Features include a long-handle with spinning timber grip, heavy duty double table-clamp and a mass of 8kg on a wide solid timber footprint - offering stability and robust performance. Build quality and function is typically high with this European mill, the design standing the test of time for over 30 years.
Output from the large, self sharpening deep-conical Naxos basalt in magnesite stones is via an infintely-variable front adjustment. The cone shaped stones have special diminishing groves that make grinding easy, even when grinding corn.
Anything from slightly cracked grains, coarse garnishes through to fine flour for pastries and breads can be produced.
Linseeds, Sunflower seeds and similar can be milled together with other dry grains like wheat, up to approx ratio of 50/50.
We have sold these mills for decades now and the stones do not wear out, the design standing the test of time.

Grains : Wheat, Spelt, Rye, Barley, Millet, Rice, Lentils, Split Peas, Buckwheat, Oats, Chick Peas, Soy Beans, Dry Beans, Maize.

Motor Kit
Adapt your power source to the Country hand mill - large custom cast 12" threaded pulley fits directly onto the mill drive shaft and small 1.25" pulley fits to power source (0.5" center Ø) - plus A-Section V belt.
Reducing at roughly 10:1, the pulley set will bring a motor with 1440 RPM (a common electric motor speed) down to the 140 RPM max. recommended.
Other power sources include pedal, solar etc.

Output 50-100 grams per minute @ 80 RPM
Hopper Size 1000 grams
Dimensions H520mm, W170, D360
Weight 10.5 Kg
Mill Stones 100mm Ø Basalt in Magnesite
Origin Schnitzer Germany
Warranty 2 years parts domestic



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"We have used a Schnitzer Mill for the last 5 years and have milled organic wheat and rye for our bread, and organic oats for our muesli. Our bread would be one of the purest and most beneficial foods one could consume" P.Cox

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